IntelliBadge at Supercomputing 2002
This video is an overview of IntelliBadge at Supercomputing 2002 in Baltimore. It shows the high-resolution displays, the user kiosks, data visualizations and attendees using IntelliBadge technology.


How Does Your Garden Grow?
This visualization uses the metaphor of a garden to display a large amount of information on attendee movements throughout the convention center at SC02. This short video clip gives a complete overview of attendance and traffic flow for a 24-hour period.


Statistical Visualization
This information-packed visualization was displayed on high-resolution projection screens at SC02. With this single display, you can find individual people, see current and upcoming events, see a graph of attendance at each event and consult an navigational map of the convention center.


PowerPoint File, 15MB

  IntelliBadge Slide Show