Supercomputing 2002

Supercomputing 2002 showgoers participated in a demonstration of "smart" technology called IntelliBadge™.

This technology allowed participants to:

  • locate people who shared similar interests
  • visualize patterns of flow of the conference
  • discover how many miles they walked at the show
  • see their chances of winning prizes and prize winners
  • find their favorite restaurants

Levels of Participation
All participation was voluntary and no personal information was revealed unless the participant chose to reveal it. No data was sold to vendors or distributed for commercial purposes of any kind.

Two levels of participation:

If the particiant wanted to remain anonymous, they simply picked up an IntelliBadge™ RFID badge and chose a login and password. At this level of participation, no association was made between the user's identity and the badge. Users at this level were not eligible for prizes; but they could access a variety of useful services.

Named Participation
To fully participate and be eligible to win prizes, participants completed a user and interest profile. They had the option to choose to reveal information to other IntelliBadge™rs, including their names. If they shared their country of origin, state, and/or zip codes, a flag appeared (at their home location) on the world map at the visualization displays.

At the end of conference, "IntelliBadge™rs" returned their badges, either at the booth or in several drop boxes around the convention center. IntelliBadge™ staff were available at the Visualization Displays, IntelliBadge™ Registration booth and Exhibition floor booth to demonstrate the technology and answer questions about it.